About Us

Progressive Development demands Inspiration and Dedication
Fantast-iT School is the most powerful company dedicated to technology innovation, whose mission is to mentor and encourage the development of the best IT specialists in the country. Fantast-iT School is the result of ingenuity, good IT knowledge, and a consistent dose of work.
Our goal is to create, sustain and grow the ideal ecosystem where technology can be developed.

Fantast-iT School objectives are centered around:


a community of elite innovators (programmers, product managers).


a structured learning framework in the tech area.


of exceptional teams.


Fantast-iT School aims to create the environment to encourage the development of an elite tech community. The mission of Fantast-iT School extends beyond mentoring programs - learning is a continuous and full-time process, so we are constantly running multiple projects that challenge our members to develop and out of the classroom.

About Incubator

Learning doesn’t take only 1 year. Those who finish a Fantast-iT School then have the opportunity to form a team and develop together their own idea in their own start up. For those who want to go one step further, Fantast-iT Incubator provides them with all the know-how necessary to design a viable app prototype to be released on the market.

The Fantast-iT Incubator program aims to encourage innovation through an infusion of passion: learn, develop and innovate by working on your own idea!

The Fantast-iT Incubator objective is to create prototypes of startup ideas. You will be part of a full Startup team (programmers, product developers and marketers). Together with the team, you decide the idea of ​​the app you want to make. You will define and clarify the problem you want to solve. In the end, you will bring your idea to life, implementing all your knowledge and ingenuity.

Fantast-iT Incubator supports each Startup team in building a reliable prototype by providing support in the direction of:

  • Implementation of the prototype directly to the client / user (bootstraping)
  • On further participation in startup programs
  • An attraction of funds from investors

Joining a Fantast-iT Incubator team continues the development of the skill set accumulated throughout the track. You develop your entrepreneurial knowledge. You learn to work in multi-specialized product teams. And, above all, you are working on making a "Made by YOU" app.


For us, personal development is an on-going project, always at the center of our priorities. Beyond technical knowledge, we want you to be close to developing all the soft skills to help you reach your goals faster. As a student of the Fantast-iT School, you now have access to training courses supported by certified specialists through the LevelUP program.

LevelUP is our solution for your development on all levels. In addition to tech specialization, we want to support you to develop other software areas, to help you become a professional in the true sense of the word. For this, we have prepared a series of seminars and workshops to help you become a better version of yours.

If you are a student of Fantast-iT School, you have the opportunity to join the workshops organized by accredited trainers: to develop interpersonal skills, to discover new working styles or planning to increase your own productivity.

Workshops and LevelUP trainings are addressed to the entire Fantast-iT School. Details about their organization are announced internally through our newsletter.


Because we never say No to the challenges, at Fantast-iT School we have the chance to work on innovative and high-end projects beyond the scope of the tracks. We design and develop, for our partners, applications for the general public, who proudly support the Fantast-iT School and implementation team.

We have the know-how and we want everyone to know it! That's why, every time we have the opportunity, we like to get involved in collaborations whose output will be used with joy by the many. How does it work? We receive proposals from Fantast-iT School partners to develop an app that will address a real need for a particular audience. And then ... we put magic into practice!


Fantast-iT School


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